Don’t forget to check your tyres during the summer

When you drive during summer, it can be some of the most fun and rewarding times. Often, we drive more during the summertime, as it is a nice sense of freedom. Driving at winter always seems to take a bit more effort. Summer is also the time of the year where you can push the car’s performance a bit more. To ensure that it is able to respond the way you want it to do, you will need to make sure that your summer tyres are in good condition. Bad tyres will have a very detrimental impact on your car’s performance. Your car might skid when you take sharp corners and your performance on wet surfaces will be worse with a higher risk of aquaplaning.

This can also happen if you have good tyres, but your inflation pressure is way off. Wrong tyre pressure can seriously impact the performance but can also wear out your tyres quicker. When you have too low tyre pressure, the rolling resistance increases, which leads to increased wear. This means that you will have to invest into a new set of tyres earlier than the expected lifetime of the tyre. This can be quite costly. You will also increase the fuel consumption of your car, so that you consume more fuel to drive the same distance. The combination of higher tyre wear combined with higher fuel costs can quickly make your driving not only less safe, but also very expensive. So a lot of problems of costs, for something that is very easy to check when you anyway visit the petrol station for fueling your car. Checking the tyre pressure of all 4 wheels doesn’t take many minutes.

You should also do a visual inspection to check that the tyres look ok and are free from cuts and cracks. It can be easy to damage the sides of the tyres, by hitting the curbs while parking. You should also check if there are any stones stuck in the tread, as those can damage the tread. Then you will need to measure the depth of the grooves, which can easily be done by inserting a coin into the tread and measure the depth. If you are below 4 mm depth you will need to purchase a new set of tyres to ensure safe driving. If you do all these maintenance steps, you will be in safe hands on the road.

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