Good tyre performance during the summer and autumn

We all want to have good performance from our tyres when we drive. During the summer season we are able to drive a bit faster, as the roads tends to be dry and offer perfect driving conditions. Your main challenges when driving during the summer and the autumn, will be heavy rain and late autumn when some really bad weather can occur before the winter arrives and before you have time to put the summer tyres on your car.

Good summer tyres must have excellent properties both on dry and wet roads. Safety and durability should always be of highest importance when choosing premium tyres. You surely want the best possible grip and precise and logical steering to make driving easy and comfortable even on a rainy day. Good summer tyres will have excellent wet braking abilities and great aquaplaning resistance. That should keep you safe regardless of what summer weather you will face. Avoiding aquaplaning is one of the key safety issues during the summer, as it is a major cause of accidents when it is raining.

Make sure to change the summer tyres to winter tyres in time before you experience too severe winter weather. Even with state of the art summer tyres, they will not be safe to drive with once the temperature drops below zero degrees. The problem with summer tyres during winter conditions is that they turn hard, as the rubber mixture is optimized for plus degrees. So make sure that you change in time to ensure that you drive safely throughout the year.

What you will need to make sure to do is that you maintain your premium tyres, so that they reach their intended lifetime. You will need to rotate the tyres, between front and rear position to ensure that that the wear is even between the front and the rear tyres. You will also need to make sure that the tread depth is at least 4 mm, so that you will have proper driving safety. Check also the tyre pressure to ensure that you have the correct tyre pressure, too low tyre pressure will increase the fuel consumption of the car and will also wear out the tyres faster. You will also not have the optimal performance when the tyres are underinflated.For more information regarding premium tyres for summer conditions, visit: