Ways to improve your driving during the summer season

Several things can impact our driving performance. Some are dependent on our driving; some of the cars performance and some come down to the tyres. Tyres play a more important role than most people think. If your tyres are bad, your driving will be worse and less safe. Your cornering ability will decrease as well as your braking distance will increase. If you have summer tyres that are worn out you are more likely to aquaplane while driving on wet roads or during heavy rain. This can be vary dangerous and seriously impact your safety.

What causes this? Having worn out tyres, tyres that have a tread depth of less than 4 mm, often causes these problems. For people who alternate between summer tyres and winter tyres, it might be tempting to wait to change the tyres until you have to, but that can endanger your driving safety. If people knew the dangers they are putting themselves into, more people would probably change tyres immediately when they notice that they have reached the 4 mm tread depth mark.

You don’t want to risk being in an accident just because you can’t brake in short enough distance, due to bad tyres. So changing your summer tyres mid-season is the only sensible thing to do. You also don’t have to worry about getting new summer tyres next year, as the ones you purchase now will be good for another few seasons. You are not saving anything by waiting and you are jeopardizing a lot, the safety of yourself and others. An accident will almost always be more expensive than any tyres that you buy.

You will need to monitor and check the tread depth of your tyres, so that you can predict when you will reach the 4 mm mark. If you are at 8 mm, you don’t have to measure as frequent as when you are at 5 mm. Once you reach the 4 mm mark, you should drive via a tyre service station and check out their assortment of tyres and purchase a new set and have them change the tyres for you. You should always purchase a full set of tyres to ensure that you don’t negatively impact the performance of the car.

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