Best tyres for one area might not be the best for another area

Tyres are developed and designed for a certain purpose, for certain surfaces and temperature ranges. You will have summer tyres, winter tyres and all-weather tyres. For winter tyres you also have both studded and non-studded tyres. Which tyre that is best for you will depend a lot of where you live and what are the normal weather conditions that you tend to experience during a year. If you tend to experience 4 clear seasons during the year with a warm summer and a cold winter, then you should choose to have two sets of tyres, a set of summer tyre and a set of winter tyres. This will give you the best driving performance and the best safety aspects during all the seasons.

If you have a bit more blurred seasons, where you seldom have winters, but sometimes you do. I would recommend winter approved all-weather tyres. This will work all year round and provide you with safe and reliable driving regardless of weather conditions. In this way you can manage with one set of tyres for the whole year. The only thing that you will need to do is to rotate the tyres during the year to make sure that they wear evenly and you can maximise your safety on the road. Rotation is done by changing place of the rear and the front tyres to eliminate any differences in wear between them. in every 5000 – 8000 kilometres.

It is a very convenient way to manage throughout the year, not having to worry what weather you might meet when you drive and you know that you can drive safely regardless of weather conditions. One of the challenges with having two sets of tyres is always when to change the tyres for optimal safety. Especially when you change from summer tyres to winter tyres. You don’t want to change too late, as it would not be safe to drive with summer tyres when you already have slippery winterroads. Going the other way is less of a problem. It is only if you have studded tyres where there might be restrictions for when they have to be taken off, but with non-studded tyres there is no restrictions.

Here it is to drive with right tyres and save the wear of the tyres why you wouldn’t drive with them too long after the winter has ended. Non-studded winter tyres that have been unevenly worn by coarse spring roads are no match for good summer tyres. Summer tyres are the safest and most economic choice for summer driving. So make sure to plan your changes if you have two sets.For more tips regarding tyres for all seasons, visit: