It’s time to start thinking about winter tyres

As summer is coming to an end and winter is approaching it is important to start thinking about what you will do next. If you need winter tyres, then you have to start planning on when to change to winter tyres. You also have to assess if you have some winter tyres to change to. Are the ones you used last season still good enough to keep you safe while driving in challenging winter conditions? If not, then you have to start looking for a new set of tyres that have the best properties for your vehicle and for the area you live in and for the conditions that you tend to drive in.

Once you have figured out if you need new tyres or not, then you should start planning on when you want to mount them on your car. Some people do the tyre change themselves, which is possible, but it is still recommended that you let a professional tyre service station do the change for you. It isn’t only that they have the correct equipment to do it, but they are also experts on tyres, so they will be able to assess both the tyres they take off for any defects and they will check the tyres that go on the car so that you know that the tyres that will be mounted are in good condition. They also make sure that the rotation is done correctly, they balance the tyres so that you will have a smooth driving experience and they make sure that the tyre pressure is correct so that you drive away with tyres that are in good condition and have the correct tyre pressure.

When it comes to winter tyres, it is important that they are of high quality. If you need superior grip on ice, buy studded tyres, otherwise choose non-studded tyres, which are more flexible on the European roads. Check the tread depth on a regular basis, so that you know when it is time to change the tires for a new set. Without proper tread depth you will have a longer braking distance, worse grip and traction, so it is not as safe to drive. You are also more likely to go into slushplaning, where you lose contact with the road surface and end up without any control of the vehicle. Best way to avoid this is to have tyres with proper tread design and depth.

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