Don’t wait too long with the tyre change

The saying that timing is everything, has a lot of value when it comes to proper timing of changing tyres from summer to winter tyres. Summer tyres are great during the summer, but when the winter arrives the summer tyres have very little to contribute with when it comes to performance. Without proper grip, your vehicle will not be able to accelerate or brake as it is intended, as your tyres will most likely skid. This is why the timing of the change will become very important, so that you have your winter tyres already on your car before the winter arrives.

The winter starts already when the temperatures drop below zero and this is when the summer tyres will have worse performance than the winter tyres. Winter tyres are designed for cold temperatures and have additives that will make the rubber flexible even at very low temperatures. These additives are not present in summer tyres as it is outside of their intended use. They also don’t have a tread design that is optimized for snow and ice, so they have very little to add when it comes to providing good grip and control in winter conditions.

The best timing is difficult to pinpoint, as it varies between regions and also from year to year. It is however always better to change a bit too early than too late. Similarly, it is better to change back to summer tyres a bit later than too soon. It is always safer to drive with winter tyres outside of the winter than having summer tyres in winter conditions. Having said that it is not recommended to use the winter tyres all year round, as they will wear out way to quickly. So you do need to change back to summer tyres after the winter season.

After a tyre change it is very important to check the tyre pressure as the temperature impacts the tyre pressure. Decreasing temperature also decreases the tyre pressure. So if you have big temperature drops, you will need to check if the pressure is still ok. Too low tyre pressure increases the tyre wear and the fuel consumption, so it can be a costly ordeal to forget to check it and continue driving. So when you fuel your car, check the tire pressure.For more information regarding on optimal tyres and timing for change, visit: