If you haven’t changed to winter tyres yet, you could soon be in danger

As the winter is approaching, you will need to have a plan for when you will change to winter tyres. It shouldn’t be an arbitrary decision, but rather a planned decision, based on historical data of when the winter weather tends to arrive combined with weather forecasts. If you are not sure, you should make sure to change tyres a few weeks early, as an early change is to prefer versus a late change. Remember that you do the timely change from a safety perspective, so that you will have the winter tyres on your car before the snow arrives.

It is important to remember why you change to winter tyres. It is all due to the fact that you need a tyre that can provide you with safe and reliable driving in winter conditions. Winter tyres have been designed to be driven in cold conditions and on winter surfaces such as snow and ice. They can even manage slush, which can be very tricky driving conditions. It is even very difficult to walk through slush. If the tread of the tyres are not designed to handle slush, you might lose contact with the road and experience slushplaning.

If the tyres are not designed for winter surfaces, the tyres will not be able to handle slippery surfaces such as snow and ice, which require very good grip. Both studded and non-studded tyres can manage to generate friction and thus grip. The studded tyres use metal studs to generate good grip on ice and on snow the tread pattern will determine how well they will perform on snow.

When it comes to non-studded tyres, they use friction particles like cryo crystal grip particles that will protrude from the tread. This will give it good grip on ice without having to have metal studs. On snow it is same as the studded that they will rely on the tread pattern to create the optimal performance both when it comes to grip and traction on snow.

The studded tyres are better on ice, but they come with more regulations in terms of use. They are often limited to the time period that they can be used and they are not allowed in all the countries, so that will limit your mobility if you plan to travel between countries.For more information regarding winter tyres, visit: https://www.nokiantyres.com/