Best winter tyres

The best winter tyres will depend on what conditions that you will be driving in. It will also depend on what vehicle that you have. Tyres will need to be adapted to the vehicle, so that if you need higher load or speed index, or if you have a heavier vehicle such as a hybrid or electric one, which are heavier due to the heavy battery packs, which will require more wear resistant tyres. Then it also depends on where you live, northern part of the country, mountainous regions or mostly flat and if you live along the coast or close to very big lakes, as it can get very icy in these areas.

The best winter tyres are the ones that give you the best safety profile and performance when you drive. When it comes to winter grip, if you look at premium tyres, both the studded and non-studded tyres will give you sufficient grip and traction. The studded tyres will provide better grip on ice and hard packed snow, so that if you live along costal areas or an area where you have a lot of ice and want to make sure that you have the best possible grip, the studded tyres will provide that for you. You still have to make sure that you select a brand that will provide you with the pest performance for your vehicle.

If you tend to drive mostly on snowy areas, then both the studded and the non-studded tyres will be able to ensure that you can drive safely. The decision is more up to what you are more comfortable with. The non-studded tyres come with fewer regulations when it comes to the period you can use them, as there are no restrictions on non-studded tyres, but you should still only use them during the winter season. If you tend to travel a lot to other countries or plan to go south to the Alps for a ski vacation, then you most likely will need to have non-studded tyres as studded tyres are forbidden in Germany.

What ever your choice is when it comes to winter tyres, it is important to assess what will be important for you when it comes to the tyres and make sure that you get the right ones for the type of vehicle that you have.  

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