How safe are all-weather tyres

Before answering that it is important to understand what all-weather tyres are and what purpose they have within the tyre assortment. These tyres are not for the markets that have very long and severe winters, but more targeted for the markets that either doesn’t want to bother changing to winter tyres, as the likelihood of snow is limited or the severity is low. They also target market where the winter is short and there is no legislation in place for making winter tyres mandatory.

If the all-weather tyres are officially approved for winter use, then they have undergone and passed the strict requirements when it comes to the performance requirements that they need to pass. This means that have very good performance on snow and will reducing the stopping distance on snow versus a tyre that is not winter approved or even a tyre that has the M+S marking.

So when it comes to the choice of not changing to winter tyres, then the all-weather tyres are far superior and safer during winter conditions, the same goes for the people who change tyres too late and get stuck with their summer tyres. These tyres fill the gap of having the safety of a winter tyres, without really having to buy separate winter tyres. They assure that you are safe in all the weather conditions, so that you don’t have to worry anymore about the weather forecast. It makes it very ideal situation for people who are very dependent on the use of their car on a daily basis. With these tyres they will always be ready to drive regardless if you have sunny, wet or even winter conditions outside.

If you feel that these tyres would be a good tyre choice for you, then make sure that they are approved for winter use, so that you can assure that you will be safe when driving in winter conditions. These tyres are safe, but if you ask if there are better tyres on the market that would improve the safety, then yes there are. You can always choose a dedicated winter tyre, but then you will need to change tyres and make sure that you change tyres before the snow arrives. If the winter weather surprises you, then you are much less safe than if you would have had the all-weather tyres mounted on your car. For more information regarding all-weather tyres, visit: