SUV Summer Tyres Will Add Performance During The Summer

If you are driving an SUV, you belong to the group of drivers that has a very safe vehicle. To ensure that the vehicle will live up to the expected safety, you will need to make sure that you have safe tyres. Tyres are key to providing safety to vehicles, as with bad tyres you will be much more likely to be in an accident. This is why tyre selection is very important. There are numerous tyres available in the tyre shop.

Key to good tyre selection is to not be in a hurry. The likelihood that you will find the best tyre in 5 minutes, when walking into a tyre shop, is not very high. Due to the importance of the tyres, it is very irresponsible to devote so little time for a very important safety feature. When buying tyres, it is important to look beyond the price tag. When you have an SUV, you need special SUV tyres. Not every tire manufacturer produces SUV tyres, but most do. If you aim to drive during mainly summer conditions, getting a set of SUV summer tyres will definitely give you the best performance out of your tyres and your SUV.

It is always important to check the condition of your tyres. In addition to the visual check, you also need to check the tread depth on a regular basis to ensure that you have enough tread depth in your tyres. Low tread depth leads to longer braking distance and worse grip that can lead to skidding. Then you need to make sure that you have the correct tyre pressure for your tyres. Check the owner’s manual to see what the correct pressure should be in your car. Measure the pressure when the tyres are cold. Getting tyres that are good for wet conditions will make you safer when you drive on wet roads, especially when it is raining and the chance for aquaplaning is at the highest. Select a tyre that has several innovations for preventing aquaplaning for optimal safety.

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Ways To Improve Tyre Performance During The Summer

Driving in the summer should be pleasant. You have some of the best driving conditions when the sun is shining and you have good visibility. Summer tyres are designed to handle both wet and dry summer roads. Proper summer tyres are made for summer conditions and they fulfill the requirements that you have on the tyres. EU has tried to make the purchasing of tyres easier by making it mandatory for tyre manufacturers to highlight information regarding wet grip, rolling resistance and rolling noise.

Now buyers can easily compare tyres based on this information. It is worth highlighting that the ratings on the label might not be the most important factors for you, as it all depends on what you want from your tyres. If you are looking for a high performance tyre with a high-speed rating, you will have to start looking for tyres that fulfill this requirement and then use the EU tyre label to make your final decision.

The information on the EU tyre label highlights different features about tyres, like what is the tyre’s rolling resistance. Low rolling resistance will lead to lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions. Another feature is safety, measured as how fast you can stop the car on a wet surface. This is the wet grip of the tyre. A shorter braking distance will help to keep you out of accidents. Finally, the EU tyre label includes information on the rolling noise of the tyres, where a high noise level will impact the driving comfort in a negative way. A low tyre noise level will be good for your driving comfort.

Another factor that will impact the performance of the tyres is the tread depth, where shallow tread will negatively impact the performance. You should buy new tyres when the tread depth of your tyres is below 4mm. You should monitor tread depth regularly to ensure that you don’t go below the 4mm. Tyre pressure will also impact the performance of the tyres. Low tyre pressure can make the car slide in corners; they will also consume more fuel as the rolling resistance increases.

So the right tyres, with good tread depth and correct tyre pressure will improve the performance during the summer.

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Better Driving Experience With Dedicated Summer Tyres

When you want to get the best possible driving experience, you have to make sure that you have the best possible tyres for the circumstances. Just the same way that you have the best possible driving experience with dedicated summer tyres, you will also have the best possible driving experience and safety when you have dedicated winter tyres. This is important if you live in an area that has proper winters. In these areas you need tyres that can handle the winter conditions, such as snow, ice and slush.

For the summers, it is not as crucial as it is for the winters, but a high performance tyre will give you a much better and precise control over your vehicle. You will have very good grip as you take sharp turns and corners. A summer tyre will have a rubber compound that has been designed for handling summer temperatures. The grip is very dependent on how soft your tyre will be at the temperature range that you are using the vehicle and its tyres. A soft tyre will give you superior grip, but the wear tends to be higher. So they have to be optimized for giving you a great driving experience and still not wearing out too fast.

The grip will also give you a shorter braking distance. The shorter braking distance is important when it comes to avoiding accidents. The faster you can get your vehicle to stop, the safer you will be. What you also need during the summers are tyres that can prevent aquaplaning. Aquaplaning is one of the reasons for accidents during the summers, when a thunderstorm can change the circumstances drastically and you can lose control over your vehicle. To prevent aquaplaning, the high performance tyres include many innovations that will help move the water away from the surface. The grooves also have to be wide and deep to be able to handle enough water. This is why the more worn out your tyres are, the more likely you are to get into a situation caused by aquaplaning.

Low rolling resistance of dedicated and high quality summer tyres will save you money on fuel, so it is not only the improved driving performance that comes with the dedicated tyres, they also improve safety and lower fuel costs.

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Enjoy The Summer With Good Summer Tyres

If you have summer tyres on your vehicle in summer instead of all-weather tyres, you have the most optimal tyres for the season. Summer tyres perform better than a compromise tyre on sunny and rainy summer days. The all-weather tyres are designed to cope with a larger temperature range, while the summer tyres are designed for use in the warm season only and can therefore be optimized for the particular season. That is why they excel during the summer conditions.

Summer tyres are also optimized for handling summer rain and wet roads with excellent control. Deep grooves are able to push more water away from the surface to prevent aquaplaning. Tyre innovations like Hydro Grooves help effectively prevent aquaplaning by storing water and routing it into the longitudinal grooves. Polished grooves, in turn, enable the water to flow easier and faster allowing more water to move away from the surface to keep the contact between the tyres and the road surface, so that you don’t lose control over your vehicle and remain safe.

During the summer a sudden thunderstorm can quickly jeopardize your safety and cause aquaplaning as the road surface starts amassing water. Ability to avoid aquaplaning with good tyres that have enough tread depth improves your safety drastically. Good wet grip and ability to remain in control even in wet condition and good wet grip ensures that you have a short braking distance in order to avoid accidents.

The good driving experience means that you have stable handling and logical steering with excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions and you have full control while taking curves and corners. You will be able to maneuver your vehicle even at high speeds without risk of losing control; all this requires that you have high quality tyres on your car. High quality tyres have excellent driving properties combined with low rolling resistance and thus low fuel consumption.

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Tips for Buying Good SUV Summer Tyres

Most SUV usually come with all-season tires when you first buy them. Even though the all-season tyres perform reasonably well in all four seasons of the year, their performance in summer cannot beat that of dedicated summer tyres. Also known as performance tyres, the summer tyres provide excellent grip in warm weather conditions. They are not made with any compromises for other seasons, making them the ultimate choice for mild weather driving. Summer tyres are useful especially if you have a sports car or luxury vehicle.

When looking for good summer tyres to buy, it is essential to research first. Make sure that you understand the right size of tyre for your SUV. You can find the size on the sidewalls of your current tyres listed in the following sequence: P265/70R16. If you do not know what this tyre code means, you simply need to write it somewhere and carry it with you when you go shopping for the tyres in the tyre shops near you. When buying replacement tyres for your vehicle, you need to make sure that they match what is noted on the car door jamb or in the owner’s manual.

You also need to know how to determine the age of the suv summer tyres you want to buy. Even if you’re going to buy new tyres, age is something that you cannot ignore. Tyres tend to deteriorate over time even if they are not in use. You can find the date that a tyre as manufactured on its sidewall. The date is noted as a four-digit number that follows a letter sequence that starts with a dot, followed by the week it was manufactured, and then the year that is was produced. For instance, if your tyre has the number 5013, it means that it was made in the 50th week of 2013.

Before you part with your money to pay for the suv summer tyres, make sure that you think about warranty. If you buy a tyre and it wears out prematurely, you need to know if the person you will buy from will give you a free replacement tyre. The last thing you want is buying tyres that do not have a proper warranty and start having problems with them moments after you obtain them.

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