Lowering Your Monthly Car Costs

There are a few ways to lower the monthly costs that you have for your car.  Your main costs tend to come from the fuel costs, where the regular visits to the petrol station can be quite expensive with today’s high petrol prices.

If you then also split your service costs and the tyre costs on a monthly basis and combine that with the insurance costs, you should have your monthly costs. Here are some ways that you might be able to reduce some of them:

Economical driving can save you a lot of fuel. A smooth driving style versus an aggressive style will save you money on fuel.

Make sure that both your summer tyres and your winter tyres are of high quality.

Make sure that you buy tyres with a low rolling resistance, so that the fuel consumption will be low.

Use tyres where the tyre wear is low, so that your tyres will last as long as possible.

Make sure that you have the correct inflation pressure in your tyres so that the rolling resistance doesn’t increase, causing your car to consumer more fuel than it should.

Make sure that you have the correct inflation pressure in your tyres so that the wear doesn’t increase, causing your tyres to wear out prematurely.

Drive cautiously to avoid accidents that might push your insurance premiums higher.

If you follow most of these you will see that your monthly costs will decrease over time. In the end, the savings can be substantial even though it sounds like they would be quite small. In addition to saving costs, you will increase your safety while driving, which then further should reduce your insurance costs for further monthly savings.

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Tyres Should Never Be Seen As An Unnecessary Expense

If you don’t understand the important role that tyres play in your driving safety, it is easy to just look at the price tag when buying new tyres. Some people think there is no difference between the tyres and just see them all as the same. This is quite sad, as they are jeopardizing their own safety. Many times a more expensive high quality tyre will pay itself back in fuel savings over its service life.

What you need on your vehicle are good quality tyres that can enhance your safety while you drive. Tyres that can provide short braking distance to keep you out of accidents and tyres that can provide you with great grip and stability. Driving comfort will also be enhanced so that you can enjoy your time that you spend on the road. Tyres are made for certain circumstances, so that if you live in areas that have snow and ice during the winter season, then you should have dedicated tyres that have been designed for these conditions. These tyres will have the proper softness and flexibility, despite the low temperatures.

You need the softness so that the tyres can create sufficient traction. This is the reason why you should never drive with summer tyres at temperatures below zero degrees Celsius, as these tyres will be very hard at these temperatures and will not be able to gain enough traction to keep you safe or to provide you with a short braking distance. Especially if you have icy conditions and you are driving with summer tyres, it is difficult to get the car stop fast. When choosing winter tyres, you can go for studded tyres that use metal studs to create better grip on ice.

When it comes to summer, the perfect tyres have great stability and they will not become too soft, which might happen when you try to drive with winter tyres during summer temperatures. Too soft tyres will wear out faster than intended, so you will need to change to tyres that have been designed for the temperatures of summer. Summer tyres are also designed to handle water that stays on the road surface and can cause aquaplaning. The better tyres you have the better they are at handling these conditions.

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