Four Reasons A Summer Tyre Is The Best Choice

Driving a car is all fun until it’s time for maintenance. As a driver you need to check the condition of your tyres and make sure that you have the correct tyre for the appropriate season. Not all people are aware of the fact there is a wide range of tyres available for each season. There are, for example, summer tyres, winter tyres and even all-weather tyres. Since it is still summer season, lets look at the advantages of summer tyres.

Made for speed and agility: These tyres improve the overall grip of your vehicle making it faster and more agile. It is almost like you are glued to the road surface and any movement of the steering wheel is immediately responded.

Better cornering and improved braking: The special tread pattern and advanced rubber compounds of these tyres not only allow you to come in and out of corners safely without losing any grip. Also, if you need to get the car to a halt, the improved traction will make the braking distance shorter.

Shallower grooves: A summer tyre has shallower grooves, which means the tyre has more rubber coming in contact with the tarmac, giving you awesome grip. Allowing you to master the summer roads regardless if you are cruising highways or maneuvering turns and corners.

Perfect for wet surfaces: The special rubber compound, the dimensions of the tyre and the design of the tread pattern make the summer tyre your best friend for wet surfaces. Sports vehicles around the world usually come with summer tyres, that give them maximum traction on wet roads, resulting in more control while speeding and a responsive steering capability while turning on corners. The grooves will be designed for pushing away water from the wet surface, to ensure optimal grip and to reduce the risk of aquaplaning.

Summer tyres are the perfect companions for you and better than the all-season tyres during summers, as they are designed to give optimal performance during these conditions.  Who wouldn’t like to get the best performance out of their car? Who would want an all-weather tyre that gives half the benefit of a summer tyre and half the benefits of a winter tyre? Well the answer is obvious.  That’s why summer tyres are the way to go during summers!

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A Recommended Summer Tyre For Your SUV

A great SUV summer tyre depends a bit on where you plan to drive your SUV. If you’re driving includes off road, then we can definitely recommend Nokian Rotiiva tyre. It is a tyre that is great for both asphalt and on off road conditions. It is a versatile tyre with great safety aspects and a high level of driving comfort. To further enhance the durability of the tyre, the sides are reinforced with aramid fibre, similar to a bulletproof vest. This strengthens the sidewalls to withstand external impacts to the side, caused by rocks and it reinforces it to pressure to the wheel flange.

By selecting a tyre that has been designed for all the factors that you are looking for in a tyre will increase the expected lifespan. You here have a summer tyre and a tyre that is designed for a SUV or lighter trucks and for all terrains, so both on and off road. This puts a lot of pressure on the development team to develop a tyre that can excel under these extreme conditions. You will need to have a rubber compound that will not get too hard nor too soft during the temperatures that you experience during the summer. You will also need to have it reinforced to handle the tough terrain that off road can offer.

This tyre has also aggressive tread pattern, to ensure that you get good grip on both the asphalt as well as the off road conditions. You have stabilizers to ensure great driving stability. You have cooling ribs to reduce wear, for longer extended lifetime.  You have the aramid fibre reinforced sidewalls with guarantee to ensure you don’t have to worry about if the tyres will handle the extreme conditions that you might experience when truly driving off road.

So if this sounds like it fits your requirements for your SUV summer tyres, then you should give them a try. Nokian Tyres has a long experience of developing and producing great tyres for extreme conditions. You can get great sets of both SUV winter tyres as well as SUV summer tyres, which can satisfy your needs even if you have high requirements in terms of performance. Make sure you select your tyres, as you don’t want to be left stranded off road with a flat tyre.

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Check Your Tyres Regularly To Stay Safe

Your safety is something you should not take lightly. We often tend to forget how important the tyres are in making sure that we stay safe on the road. This requires that you check the tyres regularly and maintain them properly. Checking the tread depth of the tyre as well as doing a proper visual inspection is important. Also making sure that you have correct pressure in your tyres, as this will also affect your safety when you drive.

Many of us make a conscious decision to buy a safe car. Volvo has for many years sold cars based on safety. Also an SUV has the perception for most people to be a safer choice than a normal passenger car. However, when people then select tyres, the safety aspect is often forgotten. You need a proper tyre to stay safe regardless if you are driving on summer tyres, All-Weather tyres or winter tyres. Therefore you need to make sure that you have a high quality tyre.

A tyre is a very complex product, with numerous layers involved to build up a tyre that will not let you down. Many different factors have to work seamlessly together. We all want high performance on the roads, we want the tyres to be quiet and have low rolling resistance, so that they are fuel-efficient. We want them to be safe regardless of the conditions that we drive in. To achieve all this, the producers have to create a large variety of tyres, where you need to find the tyre that is optimal for your use.

You need to take care of your tyres to remain safe and to make them last longer. When you notice that your tyres are damaged or when your treads have worn out, so that the tread depth is below 4 mm, then it is time to start looking for a new set of tyres for your car. It is also worth noticing that you should rotate the tyres from back to front wheel to ensure an even wear. Keeping all this in mind, will keep you satisfied and safe longer.

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How To Determine That Your SUV Summer Tyres Are Worn Out

The two best ways to determine if you SUV summer tyres are worn out, is by visual inspection and by measuring the tread depth. The first one, the visual inspection, should be done on a regular basis, just to check that your tyres look to be in good condition. Here you look for any visual damages, if the pattern still looks good and if the tyres look inflated. This will not take you too many seconds and can easily be done while you are at a petrol station filling up your car. You might as well look at other safety features, like are the lights ok, no visible damages to the car as such.  This will give you a quick idea of the status of your tyres.

If you have the time it is always better to properly check the air pressure in the tyre, to ensure that the tyre pressure is correct. A faulty tyre pressure is bad for driving performance, for your road safety and is bad for fuel efficiency. It also causes the tyre to wear faster and more uneven, so with all this in mind, you should take the time to check it on a regular basis, so if not at every stop at the petrol station.

The second step, is checking the tyre depth, this can easily be done with for example a coin, where you press that into the tread depth to see how deep it goes. You should have at least 3mm of tread depth left to be on the safe side. If you don’t feel like checking all four tyres, check at least one of the front tyres and one of the back, as the wear may be different. This is also why it is recommended to rotate the tyres, by switching the front tyre to the back and vice versa. If you change to winter tyres, this would be a logical time to do it, if you don’t then you should plan to do it when the difference in tread depth is more than 2 mm. You can plan to do it every 8000 km, if you don’t want to keep measuring the difference.

Making sure that your tyres are in good shape and have the adequate tread depth is important and by rotating the tyres you save money by not having to replace the tyres prematurely.

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How To Know When Your SUV Tyres Are Worn Out

If you drive your SUV in rough terrain, it is important to know when you need to get a new set of tyres. This is also true if your normal habits doesn’t include too much off road driving.  The most probably reason why you would need to change the tyres is due to fact that you have worn out the tyres. This will happen over due course. It will happen faster with low quality tyres and will happen later with solid good tyres from a reputable tyre manufacturer.

The wear is mainly dependent on how much you drive and partly based on your driving habits. If you are an aggressive driver, this will cause an increased wear on the tyres. Also high speeds can cause increased wear, depending if they are designed for high speeds or not.

The way to determine if your tyres are worn out is by checking the remaining tread depth of your tyres. For your SUV summer tyres this should be more than 4 mm. The law requires above 1.6 mm, but for your own safety, you should get ready to change them once they go below 4 mm. You do not want to jeopardise your safety over a few millimetres. A low tread depth can be very dangerous when you have water on the road surface, as you can quickly lose control over your vehicle due to aquaplaning. Also the low tread depth can cause you to lose the grip when you turn, causing the car to skid.

Check the tread depth with a coin that you push into the tread to measure how many millimetres are remaining. Also check the tyres for visual damages, which can be very important if you do a lot of off road driving, where it can be easy to damage the sides of the tyres. When you notice either wear down to low treads or tear on your tyres, then it is time to change your tyres to a new set of tyres.

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How To Determine If Your Summer Tyres Are Worn Out

it is forbidden by law to drive with them in Europe. For safety reasons, however, the minimum recommended tread depth is 4 millimetres. Many summer tyres nowadays also have indicators on the tyres that show the remaining depth. This can be either with numbers that fade away as you wear the tyre.

As the tyre tread depth is directly related to the driving safety of the tyre, it is very important to check and monitor this. You need to know that the wear is higher if you are an aggressive driver and it is higher on the driving axis of the car. So this requires that you need to rotate the tyre between front position and rear position. It is recommended to do so every 8000 km or if you change between summer and winter tyres, this would be the time to mark the tyres so that they can be changed for the next season.

In addition to just measuring the tread depth, it is important to visually inspect your tyres to make sure that they are free from any visual damages. The sides of the tyres can be damaged and can cause a blow out. If the tyres look ok, they probably are in good condition and you can wait until the wear on the treads has reached its critical level before changing.

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Are Wider Summer Tyres Better For Your Car?

You often see cars with wider tyres during the summer. So, one might wonder if it increases the performance of your car on the summer roads. It would seem logical that the more rubber you have in contact with the road surface, the better grip you would have. A wider, lower-profile tyre is more sensitive to driver’s steering movements and suits for drivers who value a sporty look. On the other hand, a wide tyre will be more sensitive to the grooves in the road. Narrower, higher-profile tyres still mean more driving comfort.

Wider summer tyres are also more prone to aquaplaning, which is something you want to avoid. A narrower tyre displaces water better than a wider tyre.  If you are planning to fit your car with wider tyres, then you should be a bit more cautious when it rains or when the roads are wet. The lower the speed, the more time the tyre has to push away water before it causes problems. If you experience aquaplaning, you should always take your foot away from the gas pedal and let the car slow down until the tyres get contact with the road surface again.

Before installing wider tyres in your vehicle, make sure to check your car’s manual and recommendations. Car manufacturers define the standard tyre size and profile as well as optional sizes for each vehicle.

Best is always to get advice from an expert at a tyre shop, before changing to wider summer tyres. The last thing you want to do is to jeopardise your safety just to make your car look sleeker. However a crashed car looks bad regardless how it looked prior to that. So listen to an expert view on your choices.

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What features does a good summer tyre have?

A summer tyre is a complex product. From the outside it might just look like an inflated rubber product, but trust me there is more than meets the eye. The main ingredient in the tyre is rubber, but with rubber you have an endless combinations of various mixtures and compounds. For summer tyres the compound is optimised to perform during the normal span of summer temperatures.  This is to make sure that the rubber doesn’t get too soft or too hard within this temperature span.

Different parts of a tyre use different rubber compounds to give you the best wear and tear for you tyre. All this while still having a low rolling resistance.  A high rolling resistance will adversely affect your fuel economy.  A tyre also needs to be quiet, so it won’t disturb your driving comfort. These are some of the important factors that people should consider when choosing a tyre. The tyres have to be durable as we drive down the roads, hitting stones, potholes and other defects that the road might have.

A quality tyre usually consists of 10 to 30 different compnents, such as cables, textiles or steel belts. Most of them are some kind of reinforcements that ensure the optimal wear and tear resistance. The tread pattern of a summer tyres has been optimised for the summer conditions, including the summer rain that tends to hit the roads now and then. The summer tyre needs to be able to push the water away to still remain in contact with and to grip the road surface. The tread design structure plays a key role in channelling away water to the sides of the tyre.

As there are many factors that you need to conside when you buy a set of tyres the key ones are; road safety, fuel economy, noise level, rolling resistance, durability and performance. With so many factors, you can imagine that there are several tyres that can’t meet all of these. Therefore you will need to spend some time and do research of which tyre manufacturers do build good tyres and do vigorous testing of them, to ensure that they meet your demands. Once you then select your tyres, you should be quite comfortable that you have a good tyre.

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What Makes A Summer Tyre Great?

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a great summer tyre might be the slick look, or wide tyres mounted on a nice sports car. I would say what makes a summer tyre great, is the fact that it has been manufactured to perform optimally during summer conditions. This will require testing during these conditions, as well as a lot of R&D to develop the optimal materials, the combinations of these and to design the best tyre structure. With endless amount of combinations, there is a lot of testing involved to find the ones that are performing well.

What characterizes summer conditions? First of all we are on the plus side of the Celsius temperature scale and it can go quite high up depending on the country in question. Blazing sun on black tarmac can create very hot conditions for the tyres to perform in. The car speed also tends to be higher in summer than in winter, so they also need to be optimised for high speeds used on high performance cars.

With this in mind, the tyres need to cater to high speed, summer weather conditions and of course be durable for wear and tear during these conditions. You also want them to perform well, when the sunny weather turns to heavy summer rain. This is why they have been optimised to prevent hydroplaning with a design that is able to push away the water on the road. Believe me, hydroplaning is definitely something you want to avoid when driving on rainy or wet roads.

So there is actually a combination of things that make a summer tyre great. If you tend to drive at high speeds, you definitely need to look at high performance tyres. If your driving is not so extreme, you still want to get the great handling on summer roads and make sure that you avoid aquaplaning. Make sure that your tyre that has low roll resistance to ensure that you are not wasting money on expensive gasoline, due to bad fuel economy.

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Good Tyres For Your SUV When Then Winter Season Ends

When the winter season comes to an end and you are in need for a set of summer tyres for your SUV, there is wide range to choose from. If you have a set of winter tyres on your SUV, you are more likely to choose a set of dedicated summer tyres instead of all weather tyres.

The advantage of going for dedicated summer tyres is that you have tyres that are optimized for the particular season, which you will use them in. They will perform well during the different weather conditions that you experience during the summer, like hot weather, summer rain, dry and sometimes wet roads. The rubber composition is designed to withstand the high heat, while still delivering the optimal grip, the same way as they are designed to reduce the risk for hydroplaning by pushing away the heavy summer rain that might hit the roads.

When you go to buy a set of summer tyres, make sure that you get the right tyres for you driving habits. If you use your SUV mainly in the city or on at least on good quality roads, then you don’t require any off road capabilities.  If you do go a lot off road, there are specific tyres you should look into. Also if you have a high performance SUV and tend to go fast, then you need also high performance SUV summer tyres that will perform well at those speeds.

If you want to buy good tyres, you may want to look at the brands that invest heavily in R&D to continuously develop their tyres for the various weather conditions.  If they invest in R&D, then you know that you will be getting quality and tested tyres. You may want to save money on buying budget tyres, but you will not and can’t expect to get the same superior performance that you will get from the branded ones.

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