Improve Your Car’s Safety

There are a few things you can do to improve the safety of your car, which has to do with your car’s tyres. First is to regularly check if the tyres are in good condition, that the tread depth is above 4 mm and that the wear is even over the tyre surface and between the tyres. If it is not even wear between the tyres, then you need to rotate them, to ensure that they will wear evenly. If your wear is not even between the tyres, then you will end up having two tyres that are worn out before the others are worn out. Replacing only two tyres is not advisable, so make sure to rotate the tyres.

Make sure that you purchase high quality tyres, as that will have a significant impact on your car’s overall safety. Also once you have done that, make sure that you maintain them. By maintaining means that in addition to checking them regularly, you also need to make sure that they have correct tyre pressure. Under inflated tyres increase the friction and can cause heat build up in the tyre, which leads to more rapid wear. It also adversely affects your fuel efficiency.

Finally it is important you select the right tyre for the right circumstances. For winter you need a winter tyre, for summer you need a summer tyre. If you drive very fast you will need a high-speed tyre. If you drive a lot off-road you should have a tyre with aramid-reinforced sidewalls. All this contributes to increasing the overall safety of your car so make sure that you try to follow these tips.

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