Best Tyres For The Coming Winter

As the winter is approaching it is important to make sure that you have suitable tyres for the approaching season. For the winter season you will need tyres that have been approved for winter driving. Such a tyre should have a snowflake symbol on it, to show that it has officially been tested and approved for winter conditions. As winter conditions are the most challenging driving conditions that you will experience, it is important that you select the best tyre and the one most appropriate for the weather that you will experience in your area. It is obvious that you will need a high quality tyre to handle these challenging conditions.

For the winter, the tyres will have a different rubber compound than summer tyres, as they need to be flexible at lower temperatures. Your summer tyres will get very hard when you hit minus degrees, making them dangerous to drive with. The tyres will not be able to conform to the surface and will just glide on top of the winter surface. A more flexible winter compound will be able to adapt to the surface and thus creating traction when needed. They also have a different tread design, to be able to cope with the different circumstances that you will face during the winter.

Winter tyres come in both studded and non-studded tyre options. The studded tyres have metal studs that are integrated into the tread in a way that they protrude from the surface. These metal studs then create friction as they bite into the ice and tightly packed snow.

Non-studded tyres use the tread design to create traction; sometimes also particles can be added to make the surface more rugged. They also have deep grooves and slits along the sides that can bite into the ice and snow to create friction and to keep more of the tyre in contact with the road.

You tend to get better traction with the studded tyres, especially on ice and tightly packed snow, but they both perform well in winter conditions and they have their own advantages. For the studded tyres, the use is a bit more limited as most places have laws on when you can start using them and for when you have to take them off. So if you are going for studded tyres, make sure what rules apply in your area.

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