Safest Way To Drive During The Winter

When driving during winter conditions, it is always important to take it easy. This goes from when you start your car and accelerate. If you are on a slippery surface, you will need to proceed cautiously in order for the tyres to get traction so that you can move forward. You will obviously also have good tyres that are in good condition. They should also be designed for winter conditions. By slowly accelerating, you will give the tyres ability to gain traction so that you can smoothly proceed with your drive. The same goes, if possibly, when you brake. It is thus important that you manage your speed according to the circumstances so that you can drive as smoothly as possible.

If you plan your drive you should be able to slow down smoothly and not have to slam the brakes. As the braking distance is longer when you are driving on icy or snowy conditions, it is always good not to drive too fast and to adjust your distance to the car in front of you. Also plan your driving a bit more, so that you prepare a bit in advance if you plan to make a turn. Best is always if you don’t have to come to a complete stop, as it is more difficult to get the car moving from a complete stop versus if you are already rolling.

Proper studded tyres are great on ice and will give you the extra needed traction to start getting the car in motion and help when you need to brake or make maneuvers on icy surfaces. If you are driving on snow, both the studded and non-studded tyres will work well. The key is still to try not to be too much in a hurry and use patience when you take off and when you try to stop. Avoid hasty movements and you will be in much better shape.

Of course the quality and condition of your tyres play an integral part in how safe your drive will be. Always make sure that you have the right tyres for the weather conditions that you will face. Failure to invest in proper tyres will for sure be more costly in terms of accidents that will happen if you don’t take the necessary precautions.

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