Important Things to Consider When Buying Studded Tyres for Your SUV

You need studded tyres on your SUV when temperatures drop below near or below 0 degrees Celsius. These tyres have better traction on icy roads compared to all-season tyres. They can help you negotiate bends and corners quickly if you come from a frigid, icy or mountainous area. The unique tread compounds that they are made with stay grippy and flexible even when the weather becomes freezing. The studs that they feature provide improved traction on the icy winter roads. If installed correctly, they could give enhanced traction performance including accelerating, braking, grade-climbing and cornering. Continue reading “Important Things to Consider When Buying Studded Tyres for Your SUV”

Difference Between Studded Tyres and Non-Studded Tyres

Driving in winter can be a very challenging experience if you do not have the right set of tyres on your car. If you want to have an easy time driving on the snowy, slushy, icy and wet winter roads, you need to invest in the best studded tyres that can handle these conditions. There are a lot of options of winter tires on the market for you to choose. However, if you come from a region where winters are severe, you cannot go wrong with the studded tyres. Continue reading “Difference Between Studded Tyres and Non-Studded Tyres”

Helpful Tips When Purchasing Studded Tyres

Buying replacement tyres for your vehicle should not be a difficult thing if you have been a vehicle owner for a long time now. But if you are new vehicle owner and are planning to buy replacement tyres for the first time, you need to take some time to educate yourself about the different types of tyres that are available. You need to know which tyres are perfect for winter and summer and which ones can be used throughout the year. If you buy replacement tyres blindly, you may not get good value for your money. Continue reading “Helpful Tips When Purchasing Studded Tyres”

Things To Consider When Looking For A Studded Tyre 

If you are planning to buy winter tyres, it is imperative that you know exactly which types of tyres to choose. The two choices of winter tyres you will have to pick from include studded and studless tyres. Studded tyres are simply tyres that feature metal studs. They are perfect for driving on icy roads because they offer excellent traction. Even if you are driving on a road that has hard packed frozen mud or ice, you will still be able to control your vehicle very well when it is fitted with the studded tyres. Continue reading “Things To Consider When Looking For A Studded Tyre “