Things To Check Before Going On A Winter Vacation With The Car

Some people enjoy taking the car when the go on winter vacation. Most people want to go skiing and then it is easy as you can easily pack the car full with ski equipment. The ski boxes on top of the car have made it easy to store the skis and the rest of the equipment can go in the trunk.

Before setting of on your vacation it is good to plan. Plan the route you want to drive to get to the end destination. Call your insurance company to ensure that you have all papers and you are covered all along the route.

Check the condition of your tyres. If the tread depth is below or close to 4mm, it is recommended to change the tyres before trip, so you can drive safely and without problems along the way.

If you have studded tyres, you will need to check if they are allowed in all the countries you might drive through if you plan to go abroad. Non-studded tyres should be ok.

You will need to have an extensive emergency kit in the car with a reflective vest, warning triangle, flashlight, first aid kit and some blankets.

Check also the weather forecast and then once you are all packed up and ready to go, stop at a petrol station and check the tyre pressure, to make sure it is in line with the car manual. Low tyre pressure can cause your trip to become more expensive due to higher fuel bills and you will also wear out your tyres quicker.

Make sure to fill up the windshield washer fluid and change the wiper blades if needed to ensure good visibility. 

Have a good trip!

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How To Stay Safe On The Winter Roads

Staying safe while driving is a combination of a few things: having a safe car, having good quality winter tyres and driving safely. The first one can be difficult to change if you already have made your decision and you have purchased a car. The second one is very important and you need to make sure that you have a good tyre that is tested and approved for winter conditions. All the winter tyres that are tested and approved will have a symbol of a three-peak mountain with a snowflake inside it, commonly referred to as the 3PMSF symbol. If your tyres don’t have this symbol you shouldn’t be driving in winter conditions. It is that easy. You need to immediately get proper tyres if you want to drive in winter weather.

The choice of what tyre to select will depend on where you live and what weather you tend to experience throughout the year. You can basically categorize it into:

Mild to moderate winters

You live in an area that doesn’t always get winter weather and if there is some, it will not be much and not for long periods of time. Here your tyre choice can be an all-weather tyre, which would allow you to also drive during the summers. It also allows you to always be ready to drive regardless of weather conditions.  If you are ok with changing a non-studded winter tyre is then your best option.

Moderate winters to proper winter

Here you will for sure have winters, but they are not the harshest conditions. You will have snow and ice during the season. Here the non-studded winter tyres can be a good option. Studded winter tyres can also be used if there are no restrictions of their use.

Harsh winter conditions

When you have real winter with lots of snow and ice that carries on for most of the winter season, you will also face the harshest winter conditions. Studded tyres will always give you the best grip on ice, so this is your best option for these conditions. The non-studded tyres can also be a good option, especially if you experience a lot of snow.

Regardless of your tyre option that you combine with your car, you will also need to drive safely. Speed should be adjusted to the conditions that prevail. Even the best car and the best tyres can keep you out of an accident if you are a reckless driver.

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Make Sure You Know What Tyre You Have On Your Vehicle

When people buy cars they put a lot of emphasis on the car selection and on every accessory and engine size, while the tyre selection gets less attention. It feels like the color of the car gets more emphasis in the selection process than the tyres. This must mean that most people don’t really understand the significance of the tyres in the cars performance and safety.

Acceleration and speed

If your vehicle doesn’t have good tyres, then the grip will not be optimal and you will not have the optimal acceleration. For high speeds you also need to ensure that you have a high quality tyre with a high-speed rating.

Control and maneuverability

The ability to have good control and stability when you drive is to high degree controlled by the tyres and what grip and control they can give you. The tread design is optimized to give you the best control and stability during different conditions.

Braking distance, car noise and fuel efficiency

With the new EU tyre label these factors are now marked on tyres for easy comparison, so it is easy to see that these factors vary a lot between tyres and directly impact the cars performance and driving comfort. With the braking distance you have a clear safety aspect, as getting the car to stop quickly can save you from accidents.

Ability to drive on snow, ice and slush

The tyres that you have mounted on your vehicle directly control your ability to drive in winter conditions. If you have the wrong tyres, it matters little how good your vehicle is. You will need tyres that are approved for winter conditions. A proper set of winter tyres is your best option to cope with snow and slush and if you go for studded tyres, then you have the best condition to also face icy conditions.

If you want to ensure that you have a safe car that has the performance that you paid for, you need to make sure that you select carefully the best tyres for your vehicle. So next time make sure that you make a more conscious decision regarding the tyre and put more time on this than selecting the color of the vehicle. Selecting a tyre with low rolling resistance will certainly save you any extra investment made in high quality tyres.

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Suvs With Good Tyres Might Be One Of The Safest Driving Options Out There

The accident statistics have been turning up figures that SUVs are much safer than a normal passenger car. Figures of being 50% more likely to survive a car crash without serious injuries are quite compelling and will for sure continue to drive the SUV sales even higher regardless if you have a need for a vehicle that is built for more than just city traffic of highway driving.

To ensure that the SUV is even safer, you should always equip the SUV with a good set of matching tyres. Tyres that match the conditions that you plan to drive in. If you plan to drive a lot off-road, you should make sure to get SUV tyres that have been designed for this, off-road tyres tend to be more durable and offer aramid-reinforced sidewalls to ensure that you don’t get punctures from sharp rocks. For highway and city driving, there are also perfect tyre choices.

The most important thing from a safety perspective, as tyres in an integral part of the SUVs safety functions, is to ensure that you have the best possible tyre for any type of winter weather that you might experience during your driving. If you mainly drive in areas where you have real winter weather for a lengthy period of the year, you will want to have dedicated winter tyres. An SUV studded tyres or a SUV non-studded tyre are both excellent winter tyres that behave well during challenging winter conditions. The studded ones tend to do better on icy surfaces, such as icy roads or tightly packed snow that gets an icy surface.

If you tend to have lighter winters, you might want to select an SUV all weather tyres, which means that your SUV is safe to drive all around the year, regardless of what weather you will experience when you get into your vehicle to drive.

You definitely have enough tyre options to ensure that you can drive safely and to keep the ones in your SUV safe as well as the ones around you, as you are maneuvering an SUV with perfect grip and control. The key is to choose wisely and get a high quality tyre that your SUV deserves, you will feel the difference and you drive, since you will have perfect grip and control.

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Enjoy A Day Of Winter Driving

To enjoy a day of winter driving, I would imagine you want the perfect winter conditions with sunshine and a lot of snow. It is an extremely beautiful view to cruise down a highway when the sun is shining and reflecting off the white snow and all the trees are covered in snow. With the right tyres you will be able to drive safely and have great control with excellent driving comfort, so that you can concentrate on the joyful drive.

Right tyre for winter is of course a tyre that has been approved for winter conditions. You can then opt for a studded tyres or a non-studded tyre. When cruising down a snowy highway both options will give you a safe and controlled driving experience. Studs will have metal or ceramic studs protruding from the tread, while the non-studded will rely on unique design of the tread and rubber compound to create grip.

The correct tyre pressure ensures that you get the optimal performance from your tyres. In addition, low tyre pressure impacts the fuel efficiency negatively, so that you will consume more fuel. For fuel consumption it is always important to check and ensure that you choose a tyre that has low rolling resistance. Selecting the wrong tyre can be a costly mistake in the long run and from a safety point of view maybe also in the short term.

During winter time you want to have the best possible performance out of your tyres, as the conditions can be extremely challenging with all different types of weather from sunshine and dry roads to snowstorms with ice or slushy roads. You don’t want tyres that don’t have the best properties to cope with these challenges. The best tyres on the market have gone through rigorous testing to achieve the best possible performance. By selecting a tyre manufacturer from the Nordic region, you will surely get a tyre that has been made for harsh weather. With a premium tyre you don’t have to worry about the weather forecasts and you will always be ready for any type of winter weather.

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Which Tyres Are Approved For Winter Driving?

A winter tyre is a tyre that has been designed with winter in mind. It has been optimized to work at the temperatures that are prevalent during the winter season and for snowy, slushy and icy conditions.

When it has been designed they use a rubber compound that will remain soft and flexible at very low temperatures as well as have the tread design that will have good grip on slippery surfaces.

Winter tyres comprises both studded tyres, that are only to be used during the winter season and then non-studded tyres. Most non studded tyres should only be used during the winter season, but you do have some all-weather tyres that are approved for winter use, but can also be used in all other seasons too.

Tyres that have been approved for winter driving have a symbol on the sidewall, depicting a snowflake inside a mountaintop with 3 peaks. It is not enough to have the M+S symbol on the sidewall, as not all M+S symbol tyres are approved for winter driving. So if you want to drive in winter conditions, make sure that it has the winter-approved symbol.

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Best Tyre If You Want Optimal Traction During Winter Conditions

For winter tyres you basically have your studded and your non-studded tyres to choose from. Both are good for winter conditions and bear in mind, you don’t need snow to need winter tyres, winter temperatures are enough for the winter tyres to be superior to summer tyres. This is due to the fact that the summer tyres become hard when the temperature drops below 0°C. A hard tyre doesn’t have as good traction, as you need a tyre that can comply with the surface so it can gain traction through the rubber entering all cavities in the road. Without this traction the summer tire will have very bad grip on winter surfaces, even bare tarmac. If then the surface is icy, slushy, wet or icy it is even worse with a hard tyre not having a tread pattern that is designed for winter roads.

If you are looking for the best winter traction, your choice should be a studded tyre. A studded tyre will give you the best traction on winter surfaces, especially on ice, where a non-studded tyre is inferior. So if the weather conditions in your area are more icy than snowy during the winter, then you should go for a good quality studded tyre. The metal studs that are incorporated into the tread so that they protrude out of the tyre and are able to grip into the ice as you drive. They will get you the best stability and shortest braking distance on icy roads.

A non studded tyres could be an option if you mainly drive in snowy conditions. You do have a bit more flexibility with a non-studded tyre as there are fewer regulations restricting the use of a non-studded tyre. For studded tyres, regulations will determine when you can start using them and when you need to have them removed. Also some countries don’t allow them, so if you plan to drive to another country during the winter, you need to check if you are allowed to drive with them or if you need to buy a new set of tyres to make the trip.

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How To Know Which Tyres To Buy, When You Are Choosing Winter Tyres

Selecting the right tyres in the jungle of different tyres is not always the easiest task. Especially if you are not that knowledgeable about tyres and what differentiates them.

You can basically divide tyres into a few different categories based on weather. The main ones are winter and summer tyres. Then you have the all-weather tyre, which can be used all year around. You can also categorize tyres based on performance, so the more regular tyres and then your high performance tyres. Even the surfaces that you want to drive on can make the tyre different. So you have your off road tyres, your heavy duty tyres.

The main choices tend to be a winter or a summer tyre, where you will then choose based on what type of summer and what type of winter tyre you want. When you choose winter tyres you have a bit more options, as depending on what weather conditions you might face, you can have either very snowy conditions or then very icy conditions. Here also personal preferences tend to make an impact. Some people prefer to have either studded and some prefer to have non-studded tyres. They both perform well during winter conditions, especially if you select a high quality set of tyres. Trying to save some money by selecting a tyre of lesser quality can be a decision that negatively impacts your safety, your car’s fuel efficiency and the lifetime of your tyres, so it is better to choose a better tyre for the challenging conditions of winter.

Studded tyres get better traction on ice, so if you drive on a lot of ice and need the best possible grip, then you should choose a studded winter tyre. If you will more meet conditions with not so much ice, more snow or then sanded highways or city roads, then you should go for a non-studded tyre. They both will, as mentioned, be able to handle winter conditions safely. They key is to check rolling resistance rating to evaluate the fuel efficiency, rolling noise as that impacts your driving comfort and then the wet grip. It is also good to read safety reports and tyre tests in magazines to see how the tyres handle on ice and snow before you make your final decision.

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Improve Your Winter Driving Performance

I think a lot of people want to be able to drive better and ensure safe driving during the winter season, as it is quite challenging. An easy way to improve driving safety is to choose high quality tyres that are in good condition. If you aim to drive mostly on icy roads, you should choose a set of studded tyres. With studded tyres you will have much better grip on ice and there are several new studded tyre options with different stud technology to ensure an excellent grip.

The added grip will also allow you to better take turns and corners. It will also allow you to reduce the braking distance. Another important thing to remember in the winter season is to drive slowly enough so that you can control your car and can stop without colliding. It is also good to practice winter driving. If you have a skid course close to where you live you can take a session there.

Make sure you have a set of high quality winter tyres that are in good condition when driving in winter season. Driving with summer tyres in winter is dangerous, regardless of how good of a driver you are.

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Budget Money For New Tyres

For a lot of people buying a new set of tyres is something that can impact your budget, if it is not planned. If you do budget for tyres, it will for sure be easier to afford them when the time comes to replace the old ones.

The tyres are the only point of contact with the road surface. That’s why it is important that you select premium high-quality tyres rather than cheap ones.  With a premium tyre, you can ensure that your car handles stably, precisely and as comfortably as possible. In winter, the premium winter tyres will give you better traction not to skid of the road and a shorter braking distance that can keep you out of accidents.

A good quality studded tyres will have great traction on ice as the metal studs will dig into the ice and enable the tyre to get the sufficient grip. This will give you excellent control and ability to maneuver the car without problems. The excellent grip also gives you a shorter braking distance. A good quality tyre will also have a low rolling resistance, which will save you money while you drive, as your fuel consumption will be lower. In addition, the wear resistance of premium tyres is usually better which means that your tyres will last longer.

Safety should be your number one priority when driving in the winter conditions. If you choose a cheap budget tyres, due to lack of money, you may be jeopardizing your own safety and the safety of others. You will also most likely end up spending more money in fuel and replacing  the tyres earlier.

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