Using The EU Tyre Label For A Tyre Choice

The EU tyre label has been put in place to simplify the tyre decision, as it makes it easier to compare tyres. The tyre label gives you 3 performance indicators so that you can compare the tyres and how they perform on these.

You have the rolling resistance, which indicates the energy that is consumed by the transformation during the road contact of a tyre. The rolling resistance can be correlated to how much extra fuel the resistance will cause. A low rolling resistance will consume less fuel than a high rolling resistance.

There is no reason whatsoever to select a tyre that has a high rolling resistance. It will consume more fuel and generate also more carbon dioxide emissions.

Then you have wet grip, which shows the braking distance on a wet surface. The quicker you can stop, the more likely you are to avoid accidents. Wet grip is an important safety aspect of a summer tyre. So you should always try to select a tyre that has good wet grip rating. This is of course more indicated for summer tyres and can’t be directly translated to any winter properties.

Finally you have tyre noise, which is the sound level that the tyre reaches when it is rolling. This can impact your driving comfort and more so if you have a hybrid car or an electric car, as they tend to be quieter. Here again there is no reason to select a noisy tyre.

So by selecting a tyre that has low rolling resistance, good wet grip and low tyre noise, you have generally selected a good tyre.

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Leaving On Time Makes The Driving Safer

We can all remember situations where we have been in a big hurry to get from one destination to another. We can all agree that the driving is less than optimal at these times. Some people have a habit of always being late and finding themselves in these situations more often than the others. The problem when you are late is that you tend to cut corners and increase speed to make up the time. You stress and tend to stress also other drivers, by not keeping your distance between the cars, which puts more significance on your reaction time and the braking distance of your tyres.

Whether you leave on time or you leave late, stress should be avoided when driving. Driving should be cautious and you should also anticipate the move of other drivers so that you can prepare for what actions you might have to take.

For all driving conditions, you will need to have good tyres on your vehicle. Both your summer tyres and your winter tyres should be of high quality and if you instead opt for choosing an all-weather tyre, then make sure that it is approved for winter conditions, so that you can safely drive all year round with the same set of tyres. The braking distance of the tyres is very important both if you are driving stressed or if you drive cautiously, as a short braking distance will help keep you out of accidents. You can compare tyres based on the EU tyre labels that will highlight the tyres’ ability to stop on wet surfaces by displaying the wet grip of the tyre. The EU label simplifies the buying of tyres a bit as it makes it easy to compare tyres and make a well-informed decision.

On the tyre label there is also highlighted the rolling resistance and the rolling noise from the tyre. These will give you an indication of the fuel efficiency of the tyre and the expected noise level in the coupe when driving. Both should be kept at a low level to ensure that you have an economical and quiet tyre.

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Electric cars will need good tyres to avoid accidents

Tyres are very important when it comes to avoiding accidents. A set of high quality tyres on an electric car or a hybrid car, will ensure that you have better stability and control over your vehicle.  It will also ensure that your braking distance is as short as possible, helping you to prevent accidents. Without proper high quality tyres you are more likely to be in accidents and one of them could be serious. This goes both for your summer tyres and for your winter tyres. In winters it is even more important to have proper tyres that can manage the tricky winter conditions. For summer tyres you also need good quality tyres to manage curvy roads, quick stops and avoiding aquaplaning during the thunderstorms.

Proper tyre maintenance is needed to ensure that your tyres are in good condition. This includes regular check-ups; cautious driving and that avoid hitting curbs. Potholes should also be avoided especially at high speeds. You also need to make sure that you keep the tyres properly inflated. If the Tyres are not properly inflated they will wear out faster and if the pressure is very low you can also damage the sidewalls of the tyre. Under-inflated tyres will also cause your vehicle to consume more fuel while driving, so you will need to stop at the petrol station more frequently. Nobody wants to waste money on fuel and more frequent tyre replacements not to talk about excessive CO2 emissions, so make sure that your tyres are properly inflated. Over-inflated tyres will have worse grip and you will wear out the center part of the tread prematurely.

For electric cars, due to the higher weight caused by the battery packs,  it is important to also monitor the tread depth of the tyres, as low tread depth decreases the key properties of the tyres such as grip, control and the ability to avoid aquaplaning. You need to have more than 4 mm tread depth to be safe when driving. Make sure to rotate the position of your tyres between each tyre change, so that they will wear out evenly. You always want to purchase 4 new tyres and not less, as you want to make sure that all tyres have the same grip on all positions around the car.

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Longer driving distances and heavier vehicles wear out the tyres faster

Another thing that is also happening is that people are switching to a different type of vehicle, namely a SUV due to better safety record as well as people finding them stylish and fun to drive. People also move towards hybrid vehicles or electric cars, which are heavier due to heavy battery packs. Then you of course have the hybrid SUVs. It is important that you purchase special tyres that have been designed for this usage. For SUVs you will need special SUV summer tyres or SUV all-weather tyres if you don’t use winter tyres and if you have a hybrid SUV, then you will need SUV–tyres that are able to handle the extra weight and wear.

If you don’t use winter tyres, then it is even more important that you take care of the tyre rotation to ensure that you don’t wear out your tyres prematurely. Tyre pressure is important to check, since if you have low tyre pressure your tyres will wear out even faster. Commuting long distances is not anything you can control, but you will need to make sure that your tyres are in good condition while driving. This requires that you will need to monitor your tyres more carefully than others who drive shorter distances.

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Driving Safety During Torrential Rain

Numerous accidents have been reported due to aquaplaning this last week. They tend to happen during and after heavy rain, when the water piles up on the road surface. This increases the risk for aquaplaning. When a car aquaplanes and loses control, the risk for accidents are high and the results can be quite severe if the speed is high. The risk will increase if the tyres are worn out, so that they have very limited tread pattern and tread depth.

As it is mainly summer tyres or all-weather tyres that face heavy rain, as rain is more limited during winters, it is important to assess if your tyres are good at preventing aquaplaning or not. There has been a row of improvements done to tyres to better be able to prevent aquaplaning; there has also been some recent inventions by some of the tyre manufactures that further reduce the risk of experiencing it. This definitely adds another degree of safety, as accidents due to aquaplaning are very frequent when it rains during the summer.

The best way to avoid aquaplaning is to have good quality tyres in good condition, that are good at preventing aquaplaning with improved tread patterns and polished grooves to speed up the flow of water away from the surface. As long as the tread is in contact with the road surface, you will have control over your vehicle. If you lose the contact, you lose control and will glide on top of the water layer.  It is this lack of control that causes accidents, when cars hit the barriers and spin out of control. Speed will also impact the likelihood of losing control, as the higher the speed, the less time the tyre has to remove the water from the surface area. This is why it is always recommended to lower the speed during very heavy rain. This is also the way that you escape aquaplaning, that when the control is lost, the speed will diminish automatically and you will regain contact again. If you haven’t completely lost control over the vehicle, the tyres will regain contact and the control is re-established. So even if it is scary even if there is no accident, it is often a very short loss of control.

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Lowering Your Monthly Car Costs

There are a few ways to lower the monthly costs that you have for your car.  Your main costs tend to come from the fuel costs, where the regular visits to the petrol station can be quite expensive with today’s high petrol prices.

If you then also split your service costs and the tyre costs on a monthly basis and combine that with the insurance costs, you should have your monthly costs. Here are some ways that you might be able to reduce some of them:

Economical driving can save you a lot of fuel. A smooth driving style versus an aggressive style will save you money on fuel.

Make sure that both your summer tyres and your winter tyres are of high quality.

Make sure that you buy tyres with a low rolling resistance, so that the fuel consumption will be low.

Use tyres where the tyre wear is low, so that your tyres will last as long as possible.

Make sure that you have the correct inflation pressure in your tyres so that the rolling resistance doesn’t increase, causing your car to consumer more fuel than it should.

Make sure that you have the correct inflation pressure in your tyres so that the wear doesn’t increase, causing your tyres to wear out prematurely.

Drive cautiously to avoid accidents that might push your insurance premiums higher.

If you follow most of these you will see that your monthly costs will decrease over time. In the end, the savings can be substantial even though it sounds like they would be quite small. In addition to saving costs, you will increase your safety while driving, which then further should reduce your insurance costs for further monthly savings.

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Ways To Improve Tyre Performance During The Summer

Driving in the summer should be pleasant. You have some of the best driving conditions when the sun is shining and you have good visibility. Summer tyres are designed to handle both wet and dry summer roads. Proper summer tyres are made for summer conditions and they fulfill the requirements that you have on the tyres. EU has tried to make the purchasing of tyres easier by making it mandatory for tyre manufacturers to highlight information regarding wet grip, rolling resistance and rolling noise.

Now buyers can easily compare tyres based on this information. It is worth highlighting that the ratings on the label might not be the most important factors for you, as it all depends on what you want from your tyres. If you are looking for a high performance tyre with a high-speed rating, you will have to start looking for tyres that fulfill this requirement and then use the EU tyre label to make your final decision.

The information on the EU tyre label highlights different features about tyres, like what is the tyre’s rolling resistance. Low rolling resistance will lead to lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions. Another feature is safety, measured as how fast you can stop the car on a wet surface. This is the wet grip of the tyre. A shorter braking distance will help to keep you out of accidents. Finally, the EU tyre label includes information on the rolling noise of the tyres, where a high noise level will impact the driving comfort in a negative way. A low tyre noise level will be good for your driving comfort.

Another factor that will impact the performance of the tyres is the tread depth, where shallow tread will negatively impact the performance. You should buy new tyres when the tread depth of your tyres is below 4mm. You should monitor tread depth regularly to ensure that you don’t go below the 4mm. Tyre pressure will also impact the performance of the tyres. Low tyre pressure can make the car slide in corners; they will also consume more fuel as the rolling resistance increases.

So the right tyres, with good tread depth and correct tyre pressure will improve the performance during the summer.

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Summer Safety While Driving

When driving during summer time, you need to make sure that you are safe on the road. Key is to have a safe and reliable car, equipping it with good quality summer tyres that have good safety features. In addition, you need to drive responsibly. Tyres contribute to the safety more than people think. Most people just see tyres as something that you need to have and that they are all the same, while, in fact, tyres differ greatly and a wrong tyre selection can have drastic consequences.

If you are following motor sport, like Formula 1, you probably understand from there how important the tyre selection is and the tyre strategy is often decisive when it comes to winning or losing the race. When it comes to normal driving, the difference is maybe not as drastic, but it can have a big impact and can definitely be the factor that keeps you out of an accident. If your tyres don’t have good grip in sharp corners or curves, you might skid out of control. In addition, if you have worn out tyres, you may experience aquaplaning. In aquaplaning you will lose control over your vehicle and might end up in a serious accident. Being able to stop in time to prevent an accident is one of the most important factors to prevent accidents occurring. This all relates to the braking distance, which is associated with the tyres that you use.

Good high quality tyres that are designed for the summer will have good properties for driving on summer roads in summer temperatures. They will provide you with sufficient grip to be able to have good control over your driving and have a good driving experience. Most high quality tyres that have enough tread depth will be able to prevent aquaplaning, but there are differences. Some of the new innovations made to the tread have made some tyres even better at preventing aquaplaning through better ability to channel water away from the contact point. Aquaplaning happens when the tyre is not able to push all the water away and you lose the contact between the tyre and the road surface. When the contact is lost the tyre will glide on top of the water layer and you will lose the ability to control the car. So make sure to select good tyres with good aquaplaning prevention properties.

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Better Driving Experience With Dedicated Summer Tyres

When you want to get the best possible driving experience, you have to make sure that you have the best possible tyres for the circumstances. Just the same way that you have the best possible driving experience with dedicated summer tyres, you will also have the best possible driving experience and safety when you have dedicated winter tyres. This is important if you live in an area that has proper winters. In these areas you need tyres that can handle the winter conditions, such as snow, ice and slush.

For the summers, it is not as crucial as it is for the winters, but a high performance tyre will give you a much better and precise control over your vehicle. You will have very good grip as you take sharp turns and corners. A summer tyre will have a rubber compound that has been designed for handling summer temperatures. The grip is very dependent on how soft your tyre will be at the temperature range that you are using the vehicle and its tyres. A soft tyre will give you superior grip, but the wear tends to be higher. So they have to be optimized for giving you a great driving experience and still not wearing out too fast.

The grip will also give you a shorter braking distance. The shorter braking distance is important when it comes to avoiding accidents. The faster you can get your vehicle to stop, the safer you will be. What you also need during the summers are tyres that can prevent aquaplaning. Aquaplaning is one of the reasons for accidents during the summers, when a thunderstorm can change the circumstances drastically and you can lose control over your vehicle. To prevent aquaplaning, the high performance tyres include many innovations that will help move the water away from the surface. The grooves also have to be wide and deep to be able to handle enough water. This is why the more worn out your tyres are, the more likely you are to get into a situation caused by aquaplaning.

Low rolling resistance of dedicated and high quality summer tyres will save you money on fuel, so it is not only the improved driving performance that comes with the dedicated tyres, they also improve safety and lower fuel costs.

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Tyres Should Never Be Seen As An Unnecessary Expense

If you don’t understand the important role that tyres play in your driving safety, it is easy to just look at the price tag when buying new tyres. Some people think there is no difference between the tyres and just see them all as the same. This is quite sad, as they are jeopardizing their own safety. Many times a more expensive high quality tyre will pay itself back in fuel savings over its service life.

What you need on your vehicle are good quality tyres that can enhance your safety while you drive. Tyres that can provide short braking distance to keep you out of accidents and tyres that can provide you with great grip and stability. Driving comfort will also be enhanced so that you can enjoy your time that you spend on the road. Tyres are made for certain circumstances, so that if you live in areas that have snow and ice during the winter season, then you should have dedicated tyres that have been designed for these conditions. These tyres will have the proper softness and flexibility, despite the low temperatures.

You need the softness so that the tyres can create sufficient traction. This is the reason why you should never drive with summer tyres at temperatures below zero degrees Celsius, as these tyres will be very hard at these temperatures and will not be able to gain enough traction to keep you safe or to provide you with a short braking distance. Especially if you have icy conditions and you are driving with summer tyres, it is difficult to get the car stop fast. When choosing winter tyres, you can go for studded tyres that use metal studs to create better grip on ice.

When it comes to summer, the perfect tyres have great stability and they will not become too soft, which might happen when you try to drive with winter tyres during summer temperatures. Too soft tyres will wear out faster than intended, so you will need to change to tyres that have been designed for the temperatures of summer. Summer tyres are also designed to handle water that stays on the road surface and can cause aquaplaning. The better tyres you have the better they are at handling these conditions.

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