Tyres for SUVs

It is important to realize that SUVs will need to be equipped with proper SUV tyres. You will need special SUV summer tyres and SUV winter tyres, unless you opt to go for SUV all-weather tyres. Whatever your choice is, make sure that you purchase premium quality tyres, to ensure that you will have good and durable tyres.

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Do I Need Special SUV Tyres For My SUV?

Yes, SUVs need a bigger dimension tyre. They also need tyres that are specially designed for the weight of a SUV. They will have a higher load capacity than a passenger car tyre. You will also need SUV winter tyres if you have winter conditions present during the year. It is not safe to drive with SUV tyres that are not approved for winter conditions, even though they might look rugged enough to handle winter weather. The rubber compound in the winter tyre, for example,  is different than in the summer tyre and it remains soft and flexible even at low temperatures, where a summer tyre will become hard and stiff. In winter,  a summer tyre cannot provide the necessary traction that you need to be able to drive and stop your vehicle.

Good tyres can improve the performance of your SUV. If you have a sporty SUV with a lot of power under the hood, you should get matching tyres for it. High performing tyres that are good at high speed will give you the optimal control over your vehicle. Choose tyres that allow your SUV to be very responsive even at high speeds and will have a short braking distance in case you need to get your SUV to a halt. Good high quality SUV summer tyres will be able to handle wet roads better than cheaper low quality tyres. They can help prevent aquaplaning through innovations that can better move the water away from the surface to ensure that the tyre will remain in contact with the road surface. If contact is lost, the tyre will float on top of the water layer and you will lose all the control over the vehicle. Aquaplaning is very dangerous and can lead to accidents, so it is important to consider this when you select SUV summer tyres.

Cheap low quality tyres wear faster and usually have a higher rolling resistance, which will increase your fuel bills. Both these factors will increase your overall costs of owning your SUV. You can though have similar effect if you have good tyres with wrong air pressure in them. It is important to monitor the tyre pressure regularly as it impacts the driving performance and can add costs to your driving in terms of fuel and shorter tire life.

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Ways To Enhance The Driving Performance Of Your SUV

The easiest way to improve the driving performance of your SUV is to upgrade the tyres; this will be the easiest way to do it, especially if you didn’t have that good set of tyres before. The tyres play such a key role in the vehicle’s performance, that you need to ensure that you equip your SUV with high quality tyres that are built to last and will improve the driving performance of your SUV.

Tyres have a lot of key features such as the tyre noise that can impact driving comfort, so try to select tyres that have low tyre rolling noise. You might even want to get tyres with the silent sidewall technology that reduces noise even further through a rubber compound that absorbs the vibration between the tread and the sidewall.

Improve winter performance by acquiring high quality SUV winter tyres that perform well in real winter conditions. This can definitely enhance the safety of your already safe SUV. It will also allow it to perform beautifully on all winter surfaces. You have two options: you can buy studded or non-studded winter tyres. The studded tyres tend to be the absolute best when you drive on icy surfaces. For snowy and slushy conditions, the non-studded tyres will perform just as good.

You tend to be a bit more flexible with non-studded tyres, as you can use them longer as there are no laws and regulations for their time of use. Also if you travel to other countries you will not be as limited. Non-studded tyres tend to have lower rolling noise. There has been a lot of development in this area, so tyres today tend to be fairly quiet. Also the new EU tyre label indicates the rolling noise of tyres, so you can easily check it when you are trying to decide which tyres to buy.

The control you get from the tyres will enhance the performance of the SUV so that you can be able to maneuver it more precisely. Good tyres also provide you with great stability and short braking distance, which can hopefully keep you out of accidents. Remember to regularly check the tyre pressure, as that impacts the control and stability as well as the fuel efficiency of the SUV. This can easily be checked when stopping for fuel.

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SUV Winter Tyre Is A Necessity During The Winter Season

Even before the winter hits, you should change tyres on your SUV to a set of SUV winter tyres. By doing this you ensure that you can continue driving safely when the winter arrives. Harsh winter conditions require dedicated winter tyres, regardless of what kind of a vehicle you drive. They are designed to handle snow, ice and slush that you will be encountering in winter.

It is not only the winter conditions you will need to worry about, also the drop in temperature will have a negative impact on your summer tyres. Summer tyres become hard and inflexible, so even on dry asphalt the braking distance will be worse for the summer tyre than for a winter tyre. It is time to change to winter tyres when the temperature drops close to zero.

Don’t be fooled by thinking that your SUV doesn’t need winter tyres. SUV is  heavy so you need to make sure you can get it to stop in time.

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Winter Tyres Are The Only Option During Winter Weather

 If you live in an area that has real winters, you need to have a winter-approved tyre mounted on your vehicle. This is true both for passenger cars as well as SUVs. Summer tyres are not meant to be driven when the temperatures drop below zero. The rubber in the tyre becomes hard and loses grip. This means that they are not safe to drive with.

You will need to get a set of winter tyres and if you have an SUV, you need a set of SUV winter tyres. You do not want to try driving with tyres that are not meant for winter, when you face snow, slush or ice. You will not get very far.

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Tips on Using and Maintaining Winter Tyres For Your SUV

Exceptionally harsh winter conditions may make highways difficult for your vehicle to traverse through using their standard set of tyres. When this happens, you can either choose to leave your car in the garage until the season changes or equip your vehicle with the proper set of winter tyres, so you can still use it throughout the season without risking accidents or damaging your regular tyres beyond repair. Continue reading “Tips on Using and Maintaining Winter Tyres For Your SUV”