Winter Tyres Should Always Be Used During Winter Conditions

This rule might sound obvious, but still everyone doesn’t follow it. The key here is that if you have temperatures below zero degrees, a winter tyre will perform better than a summer tyre. If you add ice or snow, the answer is even more obvious.

The key is that the tyres that you use are approved for winter use. So even if you have all weather tyres on your vehicle and they are approved for winter use, you will be fine. If you don’t, then you shouldn’t be driving if you have any winter weather outside.

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How To Know Which Tyres To Buy, When You Are Choosing Winter Tyres

Selecting the right tyres in the jungle of different tyres is not always the easiest task. Especially if you are not that knowledgeable about tyres and what differentiates them.

You can basically divide tyres into a few different categories based on weather. The main ones are winter and summer tyres. Then you have the all-weather tyre, which can be used all year around. You can also categorize tyres based on performance, so the more regular tyres and then your high performance tyres. Even the surfaces that you want to drive on can make the tyre different. So you have your off road tyres, your heavy duty tyres.

The main choices tend to be a winter or a summer tyre, where you will then choose based on what type of summer and what type of winter tyre you want. When you choose winter tyres you have a bit more options, as depending on what weather conditions you might face, you can have either very snowy conditions or then very icy conditions. Here also personal preferences tend to make an impact. Some people prefer to have either studded and some prefer to have non-studded tyres. They both perform well during winter conditions, especially if you select a high quality set of tyres. Trying to save some money by selecting a tyre of lesser quality can be a decision that negatively impacts your safety, your car’s fuel efficiency and the lifetime of your tyres, so it is better to choose a better tyre for the challenging conditions of winter.

Studded tyres get better traction on ice, so if you drive on a lot of ice and need the best possible grip, then you should choose a studded winter tyre. If you will more meet conditions with not so much ice, more snow or then sanded highways or city roads, then you should go for a non-studded tyre. They both will, as mentioned, be able to handle winter conditions safely. They key is to check rolling resistance rating to evaluate the fuel efficiency, rolling noise as that impacts your driving comfort and then the wet grip. It is also good to read safety reports and tyre tests in magazines to see how the tyres handle on ice and snow before you make your final decision.

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Important Features of Winter Tyres

Driving in winter is not fun, or safe, unless you install proper winter tyres on your vehicle. Without winter tyres, you may as well end up parking it in your garage to wait until the temperatures become warm again. Back in the day, people used to fit snow chains on their tyres to keep them pliable on the snowy and icy roads in some areas. That is not necessary nowadays because advancements in technology have led to the introduction of winter tyres that perform well on snowy, slushy and icy roads. If you do not like the hassle of installing snow chains on your car whenever winter approaches, you can just buy a set of winter tyres to use during this season. Continue reading “Important Features of Winter Tyres”

Tips on How to Use Winter Tyres For SUVs

Winter tyres are very important for safe driving during the cold season of the year. There are some countries or places across the world where they are mandatory and others where they are optional. If winters are extreme in the area you come from, you will be making a very wise decision to fit these tyres on your SUV even if they are not mandatory. You should not wait until you get stuck in a snowstorm to start thinking of buying them. They can help you drive with ease and safety in the icy, snowy and slushy wintry conditions. Continue reading “Tips on How to Use Winter Tyres For SUVs”

Tips for Maintaining Winter Tyres

When you equip with your vehicle with the best winter tyres, there are various things you need to do to get the best service from them. Since these tyres are usually an expensive investment, you would not want to use them for a few weeks and start thinking of replacing them with new ones. If possible, the tyres should be able to serve you for several winter seasons depending on the severity of winter in the place that you come from. Continue reading “Tips for Maintaining Winter Tyres”