Summer Tyres And Winter Tyres Both Have Unique Properties

There is a reason why most people end up buying two sets of tyres for their vehicle. Summer tyres are designed for hot weather and mainly dry and wet asphalt roads. They are also designed to handle heavy summer rain and avoid aquaplaning. They are not designed to handle cold temperatures or icy and snowy conditions.

Winter tyres are designed to handle cold temperatures and harsh winter conditions, which include snow, ice and slush. They are not designed to handle warm temperatures. So make sure that you always have the correct tyres installed for the conditions that you will experience when you drive.

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Improve Your Winter Driving Performance

I think a lot of people want to be able to drive better and ensure safe driving during the winter season, as it is quite challenging. An easy way to improve driving safety is to choose high quality tyres that are in good condition. If you aim to drive mostly on icy roads, you should choose a set of studded tyres. With studded tyres you will have much better grip on ice and there are several new studded tyre options with different stud technology to ensure an excellent grip.

The added grip will also allow you to better take turns and corners. It will also allow you to reduce the braking distance. Another important thing to remember in the winter season is to drive slowly enough so that you can control your car and can stop without colliding. It is also good to practice winter driving. If you have a skid course close to where you live you can take a session there.

Make sure you have a set of high quality winter tyres that are in good condition when driving in winter season. Driving with summer tyres in winter is dangerous, regardless of how good of a driver you are.

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Invest In Quality Tyres

A high quality tyre is usually a better option to go for than a tyre of lower quality. Manufacturers that spend a lot of time on research and development produce high quality tyres that are carefully designed in terms of their every characteristic and tested thoroughly. This way, you can be sure that the tyre’s handling characteristics remain as high as possible for as long as possible.

The winter season is definitely the season when you really need the highest quality winter tyres there are on the market to stay safe on the wintry roads. A high quality tyre will give you better traction to ensure that you have the grip that you need to accelerate and stop your car. The braking distance will also be shorter.

Another key factor for buying a high quality tyre is that the rolling resistance is most probably lower. This means that your car’s fuel consumption will also be lower. The wear resistance is also better for the high quality tyre, so you need to buy new tyres more seldom. In the long run, with the high quality tyres, you will stay safer and save money.

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Why You Should Leave Your Car Home?

There are definitely times when you need to consider leaving your car at home. This can happen when we have some big storms or the weather is just very out of the ordinary. It can be dangerous to try to get out on the roads when it is not safe to drive.

This can happen for example if you wake up to find out that winter season has arrived and you still have summer tyres mounted on your car. It is not safe to drive with summer tires during winter. The reason why it is not safe is that the tyre is optimized for summer temperatures. During the winter temperatures, the rubber used in summer tyres will turn hard and inflexible. The hard rubber will not guarantee high-level traction on wintry surfaces. In addition, the tread design of summer tyres is also not optimized to handle snow and slush.

So, if you wake up and you don’t have your winter tyres on your car, it is best to leave the car at home and try to find alternative transportation or work from home. To be able to drive safely during the winter you need tyres that are designed for winter. Winter tyres do not get hard and inflexible during cold winter weather. You need a tyre that will remain soft and flexible and is able to adapt to the winter surfaces in order to gain traction. So it is not only important to have good winter tyres, you also need to make sure that you mount them on your car before the winter weather hits your area. If you fail to do it on time, stay safe and try to wait for the weather to become a bit better, or then you will need to mount the tyres where the car is.

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Safe Driving During Winter Conditions

The best way to stay safe when driving during the challenging winter conditions is to make sure that you have proper tyres for the conditions. If you live in an area where real winter weather including snow, ice and slush is expected, you will need proper winter tyres. Winter tyres have a symbol indicating that they are approved for winter conditions. The winter-approved symbol is a mountaintop with three peaks and a snowflake symbol inside it. If your tyre has this on the sidewall, your tyre is approved for winter conditions. This means that it has been rigorously tested and approved for being able to handle the winter weather conditions.

You basically have two different winter tyre options to choose from, the studded and the non-studded ones. These both have rubber compounds that remain soft even in temperatures below zero. A summer tyre gets hard and has almost zero traction in winter, whereas a dedicated winter tyre remains agile and is able to conform to the wintry surfaces it faces. The tread design between summer and winter tyres is different and the grooves are wider in the winter tyres to be able to handle slush and snow.

Studded tyres have studs that are incorporated into the tyre tread. The studs give tyres great grip especially on ice and tightly packed snow, which makes controlling of you vehicle easier when turning, accelerating or stopping. The non-studded tyres are able to provide perfect grip with innovative tread designs, where sipes are acting as claws on the icy surfaces. The special rubber compounds used in these tyres may include specific grip particles that improve grip on ice.

It is not only the fact that you need excellent winter tyres to drive safely during the winter, but you also need to be more cautious when driving. Adjusting your speed for the conditions is essential. You need to reduce your speed a bit and keep longer distances to the cars in front of you. Your braking distance is longer in the winter conditions, so make sure keep this in mind in winter. If you follow all this, you can enjoy safe journeys during the winter.

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Different Tyres For Different Vehicles

 As cars have different uses, there are a lot of different tyres. You have different tyres for passenger cars, and if you have a sports car, as you will need a high performance tyre with a higher speed classification. The same way you will have different tyres if you have a SUV or a van. Here you need a higher load index and you might also want off-road properties.

If you have a light truck, you will need light truck tyres that are optimized for this. You will most probably want higher durability out of these tyres. If you have heavy machinery, you will need heavy tyres.

In addition to the different vehicles, you have different weathers, which means that you might need a set of both summer and winter tyres for these vehicles. A lot of different tyres exist for this reason.

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Winter Tyres Are The Only Option During Winter Weather

 If you live in an area that has real winters, you need to have a winter-approved tyre mounted on your vehicle. This is true both for passenger cars as well as SUVs. Summer tyres are not meant to be driven when the temperatures drop below zero. The rubber in the tyre becomes hard and loses grip. This means that they are not safe to drive with.

You will need to get a set of winter tyres and if you have an SUV, you need a set of SUV winter tyres. You do not want to try driving with tyres that are not meant for winter, when you face snow, slush or ice. You will not get very far.

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When To Use Non-Studded Winter Tyres

 As with all winter tyres, they should be used during the winter season. They are designed to work during cold temperatures and for the conditions that prevail during this season. The non-studded tyre, which is sometimes referred to as friction tyre, is a tyre that will perform well on any winter surface. If you get a set of high quality non-studded tyres, they will perform as well as studded tyres.

The high quality non-studded tyres have advanced a lot during the last 10 years, with a lot of new developments that give them excellent traction even on icy surfaces. On snow, unless it is tightly packed, the non-studded and the studded tyres have always performed quite equally. The big difference has been on ice. The new non-studded tyres that are of high quality are made of a special rubber compound. This will give them sufficient traction when you accelerate and brake on ice. There is also other revolutionary design modifications in the tread, that act like claws that can grip the ice. So no, regardless of what winter surface that you will drive on, you can drive safely with a non-studded tyre.

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If You Need New Winter Tyres

If you don’t yet have winter tyres on your car and you need a new set of tyres, here are a few great options from the inventor of winter tyres, Nokian Tyres. Having one of the most northern testing facilities, for continuous testing of tyres, they keep raising the bar for great tyres. Some of the newest winter tyres coming out of Finland and Nokian Tyres are:

Comes with a patented double stud technology to provide excellent acceleration and braking grip on winter surfaces. This is a great tyre if you are looking for best grip on icy and snowy roads.

If you are looking for a non-studded tyre option then Nokian Tyres has the:

A non-studded winter tyre, which also offers excellent grip on snowy and icy roads. It has bio-based Cryo Crystal 3 grip particles added to the tread instead of studs, to provide excellent grip. They utilize multi-faceted snow claws between the tread blocks and shoulder to create good grip for acceleration and braking.

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Time To Get Your SUV Ready For Winter

Your SUV, despite maybe looking like a robust vehicle that can manage any hurdles, will still need to get ready for winter. You will still need to ensure that your tyres are approved for winter, that the windshield wiper fluid has enough glycol in it to prevent it from freezing. You will need to ensure that you can keep your windshield clear. As the winters are dark, it requires that you have better visibility than during the summer. So make sure that your windshield wiper blades are in good condition and that you have sufficient amount of wiper fluid.

Make sure that your tyres are in good condition. If they are winter approved and in good condition. The tread depth should be more than 4mm and if you have studded tyres, the studs should be in good condition. If you have non-studded tyres, then the tread surface should be in good condition, to ensure that you will have good grip on slippery surfaces. A summer tyre will not give you traction when the temperature drops below zero. The reason is that the materials and tread design in a summer tyre will make the tyre have optimal properties during the warm summer weather, not winter.

During winter temperatures, summer tyres’ rubber compound will become very hard. Hard rubber on slippery conditions has almost no traction and you will not be able to get anywhere or you will not be able to get your SUV to stop. This is what can often be seen on the news, where they show clips of cars being hit by the first winter conditions and they just slide around, out of control. This is why it is very important that you change your tyres before the winter hits, even though it would look like your tyres can handle a bit of harsh weather.

If you would end up in an accident with your summer tyres, you might be better of being in an SUV than in a normal car, but you are jeopardizing others’ safety, by your negligence of changing tyres. It is often illegal to drive with summer tyres when there are winter conditions. So if you are in an accident you could be in big trouble, as you are not allowed to have summer tyres on your vehicle. So make sure that you change now and get ready for winter.

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